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Sinus Catheter Yamik is an optimum device for treating exudative forms of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis by creating controlled and guided pressure in nasal cavities and paranasal sinuses.
— Yamik method is painless and physiological and doesn't involve puncturing or surgical operation
— improvement is experienced already during the first treatment procedure
— efficiency is quickly restored
— all paranasal sinuses are affected (treated) simultaneously
— treatment efficiency is increased by direct introduction of the therapeutic solution straight into sinuses which also eliminates detrimental impact of antibiotics on the rest of the organism.

Yamik method as sinusitis treatment

Essential point in therapy for sinusitis along with treating the bacterial infection is restoring the perviousness of the orifices and of the canals by means of which the cavities communicate. All currently available methods for treating sinusitis, such as pharmacological treatment, exploratory puncturing, drainage of the sinuses and surgery are aimed at solving these very problems. As for therapy for acute and relapsing chronic sinusitis there's a great number of various efficacious methods enabling to obtain positive results. The question here is only how to do it in the possible shortest time and with the least traumatic effect for the patient. Optimal method of sinusitis treatment is YAMIK method developed by otorhinolaryngological school in Yaroslavl.

Indications for the YAMIK Methodare the following:
1. Acute exudative poly-sinusitis. Relapsing chronicle exudative poly-sinusitis. Acute exudative mono-sinusitis, mostly isolated ethmoiditis, sphenoiditis, frontal sinusitis (frontitis).
2. Preparation for surgery on the paranasal sinuses in patients with chronicle purulent and polypo-purulent sinusitis.
3. Recurrences of purulent sinusitis in patients who have undergone surgeries on the paranasal sinuses and endonasal structures.

1 Exudative mono-sinusitis or poly-sinusitis (acute or relapsing chronicle sinusitis).
Yamik method is preferable when treating exudative mono-sinusitis and poly-sinusitis because when it's applied ostiomeatal complex and affected nasal sinuses are treated directly and simultaneously. Yamik method effect achieved by comprehensive impact of guided pressure onto blood circulation in mucous membrane of nasal cavity results in reduction of mucous membrane edema and restoration of communicative function of epithelium. Certain significance is ascribed to changes in colloidal qualities of exudates in sinuses which become less viscous. Apart from affecting mucous membrane in nasal cavity in the ostiomeatal complex Yamik catheter enables:
— to drain out pathological secretion from sinuses;
— to introduce medication into the sinuses.

Introduction of appropriate medication into the paranasal sinuses enables to affect the impaired mucous membrane directly. This comprehensive impact eliminates such sinusitis symptoms as headaches, heavy nasal breathing and nasal discharge. And since blocked ostiomeatal complex and bacterial inflammation in paranasal sinuses are the main components of pathogenesis of acute and relapsing chronicle sinusitis, we regard it's appropriate to declare
the Yamik method a pathogenetic treatment method for this disease.

2. Preparation for surgery on the paranasal sinuses in patients with chronicle purulent and polypo-purulent sinusitis.
When diagnosis is chronicle sinusitis it's preferable to carry out surgery on the paranasal sinuses within a spell when there isn't a purulent inflammation. Otherwise if the mucous membrane is inflamed the surgery will be rather complicated by bleeding which might significantly extend the duration of the surgery and increase the risk of injuring vital structures. Optimal way to relief the inflammation in paranasal sinuses over pre-surgery period is appliance of Yamik method which will considerably reduce blood loss and lessen risk of complication.

3. Recurrences of purulent sinusitis in patients who have undergone surgeries on the paranasal sinuses and endonasal structures.
A surgery on paranasal sinuses and endonasal structures however efficiently accomplished will not secure a patient against recurrences of purulent sinusitis in future. There are dozens factors which can cause sinusitis including a common viral respiratory infection, general immunity decrease, allergic reaction and exposure to harmful environmental agents. Yamik method proved to be the best way to treat purulent inflammatory process in paranasal sinuses occurred after a surgery is carried out. Yamik method efficiency in stopping sinusitis relapse is conditioned by the fact that canals of paranasal sinuses are opened after the endonasal surgery. Thus sinuses can be easily drained from pathologic secretion and filled with appropriate medication.

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